We are glad to bring to your attention a collection of canvas reproductions of paintings by famous Russian painters.
In our Internet-store you will be able to order a reproduction of the painting that you selected from our catalog and order shipping. Expedited shipping is available in St. Petersburg

Reproductions are printed on 100% linen canvas with UltraChrome K3(HDR)Ink on Epson equipment. The manufactured print is covered by two layers ofpolish. The reproduction manufactured by us on canvas is waterproof; it can be dusted with a moist rag; it is light resistant with light resistance no less than 50 years. Reproductionsarerolledupandpackedin a draw-tube.

You can buy a reproduction of the size (area) as follows:

3 (297420mm)                     price:              35 USD
2 (420594mm)                                            70 USD
1 (594841mm)                                          135 USD
A0 (841x1189mm)                                        260 USD

You can order any other size that you need. Please specify the size of the larger side and we will calculate the size and cost and will inform you of that.

Production time 1 week

You can buy a reproduction on a stretcher. Shipping is only available in St. Petersburg.
3 (297420mm)                     price:               60 USD
2 (420594mm)                                           120 USD
1 (594841mm)                                           220 USD
You can order a reproduction on a stretcher of any size (maximum size along the smaller side is 108 cm)
1 sq. meteron a stretcher      price:             440 USD
Production time for a reproduction on a stretcher3, 2, 1 no more than 2 weeks.

Delivery of reproductions:
In Russia and abroad shipping is via Russian Post or EMS (any other expedited shipping service convenient to you) at the address specified by you. We will calculate shipping cost of the selected reproduction and the full order cost for you, and we will send to the e-mail specified by you.
Expedited shipping in St. Petersburg is 300 rub.

A reproduction is manufactured after receiving 100% advance payment.

Production of your painting will begin after funds are deposited.



You send your request where you specify:
1) name of the painting
2) selected size A3, A2, 1, 0 or a size determined by you (the larger side is specified)
3) city and country you need the print to be shipped
4) convenient payment type


You receive from us:
1) calculation of reproduction size
2) cost of reproduction
3) cost of shipping
4) account details

Our reply will be sent to the e-mail which you specified in the request.


If you agree with the proposed terms, please transfer the funds to the specified account.


Painting production begins directly after the funds are deposited to our account. A reproduction does not take more than one week to manufacture.


After the painting is shipped to you, you will receive a confirmation of its shipping.

If you are in St. Petersburg, you can place the order by phone at: +7 (960) 230-89-75 Expedited shipping is available. Shipping cost is 300 rubles.

Should you have any questions or need to contact us in person, please forward your messages: buyprints@bk.ru, or call us at:+7 (960) 230-89-75